Biomedrex Genetics

What is the business idea, which problem are you seeking to address?
“We’re developing a completely new drug to combat viral infections – an antiviral drug – using modern genetic engineering. Our methods are based on the Nobel-winning CRISPR technology that paves the way to new, targeted treatments,” says Theodor Pramer, CEO of Biomedrex Genetics.

“We hope to develop new drugs that can be used widely to prevent viral infections, HIV and Hepatitis B.”

At what stage are you now?
“We’re at the pre-clinical study stage. Our team consists of nine people, one of which participated in the development of the world’s first HIV drug. We have several strong partners, including the Karolinska Institutet, and are supported by US investors.

“Our goal is to grow to about 20 people in Flemingsberg.

Why are you based in Flemingsberg?
“It’s partly a happy coincidence. When the pandemic broke out, we were about to relocate our business to Cambridge in Boston, in the US. Thanks to great contacts, including Flemingsberg Science, we quickly got a place at Ana Futura in Flemingsberg.”


Biomedrex Genetics
ANA Futura, 7th floor
Alfred Nobels Allé 8
141 52 Huddinge