Flemingsberg Science strengthening efforts to attract more companies

Flemingsberg Science Foundation has recently developed a new strategic direction with clear goals for the coming years. The focus of the plan is on co-ordinating and strengthening efforts to attract more companies to Flemingsberg.

“Our new strategy and business plan provides ideal conditions for creating a stronger business community in Flemingsberg together with other actors, and provide better support for innovative companies and individuals,” says Johnny Högberg, CEO of Flemingsberg Science.

The Foundation’s task will be to develop marketing of the area together with academic institutions in Flemingsberg, local municipalities and the region, for example. The main aim will be to highlight Flemingsberg’s unique opportunities for companies and businesses.
“Our ambition is to attract at least 10 new companies in 2022. An ambitious goal that we will achieve through improved co-ordination among all those who participate in Flemingsberg’s development.”

Johnny Högberg, CEO Flemingsberg Science

Part of this effort will be to create a community for companies already in Campus Flemingsberg. This could involve creating more meeting places, strengthening existing contacts and networks, and providing more opportunities for competence development.
“We will also be working actively to attract more co-working providers to Flemingsberg. Everything we do will be designed to give more companies the opportunity to take their place close to existing core facilities such as Vecura and ANA Futura and to give today’s clusters the opportunity to grow,” says Högberg.

Making it easier to start a business
Already today, there is extensive activity to support the development of new ideas and projects on Campus Flemingsberg. However, to date, it has been difficult for entrepreneurs to take the step of establishing start-ups or new collaborations. Therefore, Flemingsberg Science is taking on the role of improving the innovation system to facilitate new entrepreneurial initiatives.
“We need to expand the innovation system with new methods, new actors, and a stronger infrastructure so that more start-ups choose Flemingsberg.”
In addition, it will be easier for more people to take part in existing life science test environments.

Flemingsberg: testbed for societal challenges
Flemingsberg is in the middle of a significant transformation into an urban environment and meeting place for the whole of southern Stockholm. At the same time, there are a number of economic, social and environmental societal challenges. This provides ideal conditions for developing a testbed for new products, services, processes and organizational solutions in the form of collaboration between existing actors such as academic institutions, hospitals, municipalities and private actors from the business community.
“This testbed for societal challenges can pave the way to new insights and knowledge that can be disseminated to give similar areas opportunities for sustainable growth,” says Högberg.

As a first step, Flemingsberg Science will highlight existing testbeds, initiate collaboration between potential actors and develop funding opportunities for new collaborations.

In the course of the development of the new strategy, special emphasis has been placed on today’s specialization in higher education and research, as well as the proximity between different institutions with a wide range of subject areas. Together with the university hospital and the nearly 20,000 students, this gives Flemingsberg fantastic opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations, multidisciplinary clusters and growing creative activity.

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