Strong co-operation between the region’s innovation nodes

The innovation nodes in the Stockholm region are key platforms for collaboration that bridge gaps in innovation ecosystems. Additional resources are now needed to strengthen inter-nodal co-operation.

During this year’s edition of Science Week, Flemingsberg Science participated as one of the organizers of the seminar entitled: “How can an integrated innovation ecosystem contribute to sustainable growth?”. Other organizers included Barkarby Science, Flemingsberg Science, Kista Science City, Södertälje Science Park and Stockholm Science City.

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Discussions touched on a number of topics, including the fact that the region’s various innovation nodes all have different specialties and different geographical areas of responsibility. However, these differences are not weaknesses; rather, they contribute to the nodes’ ability to complement each other, said Ylva Williams, Stockholm Science City Foundation CEO.

Together, nodes and innovation eco-landscapes have contributed to Stockholm’s top rankings as one of the most innovative cities in Europe, with a very strong start-up scene.

One of the challenges for the future is to further strengthen support for co-operation between nodes, several participants said.

Gustav Hemming, chair for Growth, Regional Planning and the Archipelago, highlighted work being done on Stockholm’s business and growth strategy. Several strengths of the strategy have been identified and action plans are now being formulated for further development. Innovation nodes will be a key aspect in developing the region, Hemming said.

Concrete examples of successful node projects that were highlighted included Kista Science City’s initiative to create an innovation hub for autonomous vehicles. And the Digital Health Days event that brought together technology companies in the area between ICT and life science to create new collaborations and share experiences with each other.

Innovation is necessary for more sustainable growth, well-functioning healthcare, elderly care, and public transport, said Amelie Tarschys Ingre, chair of the Innovation and Development Committee. So, continued good co-operation between nodes is very important.

More information about the seminar.

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Test your business idea: Flemingsberg Science Award Startup open for applications

STARTUP is a competition for startups with a clear connection to Flemingsberg, either as students, residents or otherwise active in the area. All ideas are welcome to participate in STARTUP as long as you compete with your own idea and the turnover and external equity is below SEK 1,000,000 at the time you submit to the competition. After that, we of course welcome you to continue working with the business idea, sales and any investments.

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