Wrapping up a really positive year

In January 2022, the Flemingsberg Science Foundation adopted its new strategic plan for 2025 with the goals of making Flemingsberg the first choice for doing business in southern Stockholm, that Flemingsberg offers an internationally competitive innovation environment, and that Flemingsberg offers a testbed for societal challenges.

How did the first year of the plan go?

During the year, we established the Flemingsberg Business Community, creating a meeting place that provides support for businesses on campus with the aim of increasing the attractiveness of Flemingsberg. Our co-working environment A Working Lab, dedicated to life science companies, opened in October. This is an important resource for start-ups and others.

We launched a structured collaboration on business start-ups with Huddinge and Botkyrka municipalities and Invest Stockholm and we are happy to note that several international actors have shown interest in investing in Flemingsberg. When we activate a large number of property developers next year, we expect to see a co-ordinated gathering of stakeholders focused on location marketing, among other initiatives!

The innovation environment on campus is already strong today, and our active participation in the Stockholm Life Tech initiative, for example, has seen the Foundation take the lead on efforts to develop life science ecosystems. A mapping and presentation of ecosystems in Flemingsberg, with the aim of demonstrating the area’s full potential, will be completed this year, and several of the campus’s research infrastructures are already increasing collaboration with small and medium-sized businesses.

The Flemingsberg Innovation Community was launched to discover how to create a fully internationally competitive innovation environment, and the key fundamentals for the development of hubs and co-working spaces for cultural and creative industries are now in place!

In summary, it has been a fantastic year for the Flemingsberg Science Foundation, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners with whom we worked in the past year. We are extremely optimistic for the year ahead!

Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science

Innovation hub Campus Flemingsberg takes new steps

We’ve hit the ground running for 2023. We continue to work on the strategic goal of making Flemingsberg the obvious choice for start-ups to locate in southern Stockholm with an internationally competitive innovation environment that offers testbeds for urban societal challenges.

Stockholm innovation hubs build knowledge and attractiveness

Innovation hubs such as Flemingsberg Science make it easier to attract the knowledge and competences needed for the development of the sustainable city of the future. “The ability of hubs to rapidly identify needs and trends is crucial for the development of the Stockholm region. Flemingsberg Science strengthens the local ecosystem and contributes to businesses being able to conduct research, and develop and grow in the region, especially in life sciences,” says Anton Västberg, Development Director, Region Stockholm.

From Science Week: Innovative arenas create collaboration for the city of the future

See the panel discussion on how innovative neutral arenas are central to the development of the smart and knowledge-intensive city. Flemingsberg Science CEO Johnny Högberg participates together with a panel consisting of Sophia Sundberg, CEO, Barkaby Science, Peter Dobers, Professor of Business Administration with a focus on sustainable development and collaboration, Södertörn University, Johan Zachrisson, Business Development Manager, Fabege and Anton Västberg, Development Director, Region Stockholm.

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