Scientify Research wins this year’s Flemingsberg Science Award

Flemingsbergs Science Award STARTUP 2023 went to Scientify Research. The online service gathers research funding from the whole world in an open database. It offers a host of functions that make it easier for researchers to find relevant funding opportunities.

“We’re delighted to receive this award and the recognition it brings, especially from an innovation player like Flemingsberg Science. The prize money will enable us to expand our service, and to put some extra energy into giving woman researchers the knowledge they need to succeed in their search for research funding,” says Judy Mielke, Founder Scientify Research.

Today, researchers spend a considerable proportion of their time looking for funding to conduct their research. This is where Scientify Research wants to make a vital difference. The company collects details of funding opportunities from all over the world in an open and curated database where it is easy for researchers to see which grants they can apply for.

Mielke got the idea for Scientify Research when she was working on a proposal to publish research material.
“I wanted to create something that would really help researchers on a daily basis, and applying for funding is something that everyone has to do. At the same time, it’s difficult to find grants and research backers, for example, especially in the international sphere.”

Scientify Research therefore provides a welcome overview of all actors in the funding world by collecting current grants in a range of categories and thematic areas. Researchers are able to filter their searches based on eligibility criteria such as subject areas, geographical location, academic career stage, and any requirements there may be in place attached to the use of the research funding. It is also possible to filter grants that are given for specific purposes such as travel or or conference organization.

“Our strength is that we quickly provide every researcher relevant information about which grants match their area of specialisation. We offer useful search filters that save researchers valuable time. And Scientify Research welcomes all, wherever you are in the world,” says Mielke.

They have a premium database which offers added filters and functionality and are currently establishing subscriptions with universities, but they maintain an open and freemium access version of all grant information.

Mielke manages and develops Scientify Research together with co-founder Kate Gardner. Their partnership is a little unusual as it takes place remotely between Stockholm and São Paulo, Brazil. They worked together at an academic publisher in Switzerland nearly a decade ago, and are delighted to work together once again to make the lives of researchers easier.

“For me, it’s always been entirely natural to collaborate with others remotely. Even before the pandemic, I worked remotely with teams in other parts of the world,” says Gardner, who is from the United States and currently lives and works in São Paulo.

Since its inception, Scientify Research has attracted more than 100,000 unique visitors, generating more than one million page views. As they constructed the database, the pair received grants from Vinnova, among others. To date, all information on the site is only in English, but other languages are planned.

“We’ve already started to publish our blog content in Spanish, German and Portuguese, and we plan to expand our translated content to reach more researchers globally,” says Gardner.

“Not only do individual researchers save time by coming to us, funders have also found that they are able to connect with researchers faster and more easily with the help of Scientify Research – especially those who support international collaborations that need to reach out to global applicants,” explains Gardner.

The Flemingsberg Science Award is part of the national business competition Venture Cup. The Flemingsberg Science STARTUP competition rewards startups with a clear connection to Flemingsberg, either as students, residents or those who are otherwise active in the local area.

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Photo: Mathias Burestam, Ground Touch Media

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