A Working Lab in Flemingsberg offers flexibility and room to grow

Companies continue to gravitate towards A Working Lab (AWL) in Flemingsberg, primarily attracted by the flexibility and short contracts, but also the strong research infrastructure in Flemingsberg. 

In January of last year, Akademiska Hus established its co-working concept, A Working Lab with short contracts and other flexible meeting spaces in Flemingsberg. Now they have grown to accommodate around ten companies, but there are still four labs waiting to be filled. 

– We believe that here at AWL, people should have the opportunity to grow as well, says Satya, Service Manager at AWL, as she opens the door to one of the larger, newly renovated labs. 

Satya previously worked as a biomedical analyst at the Karolinska Institutet, knowledge that she finds valuable when working at A Working Lab. 

Flexible Solutions 

What sets AWL apart in Flemingsberg are primarily the flexible solutions. Here, you can rent office space by the hour and benefit from shorter notice periods on contracts. 

– Akademiska Hus typically has long lease agreements, but at AWL, we try to keep a three-month notice period […] You should be able to experiment, scale up quickly, and scale down rapidly depending on your needs, says Satya. 

A Place for Startups 

Since Flemingsberg is a powerful hub for research and innovation, AWL has become the right support for startups to kickstart their operations. With its proximity to the Karolinska Institutet and all well-established businesses, Flemingsberg has become an attractive destination for future entrepreneurs. 

– If you’re a new startup company, it’s not easy to know everything that needs to be done, says Satya, explaining that they provide a shared lab including equipment. In addition to the labs, AWL also offers generous refrigeration and freezer space where companies can place their resources, or they can utilize AWL’s refrigeration and freezer facilities. 

This flexibility, combined with Flemingsberg’s robust infrastructure, has proven to be a winning combination for AWL. During the past six months, several startups have established themselves in their premises, and according to Satya, there is still a high demand for lab spaces.

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Companies currently located at AWL:

AWL in Flemingsberg primarily for laboratory-based companies, for coworking and office spaces, you can turn to Innovation Station Flemingsberg.

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