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Circio, the most advanced company in Europe in circRNA technology, is setting up in new facilities in Flemingsberg

The Norwegian company, Circio Holding ASA, has established a Swedish subsidiary, Circio AB, in Flemingsberg, and they have recently expanded their facilities. The research group and activity level at the Karolinska Institutet grew, necessitating their acquisition of their own labs and offices at A Working Lab in Flemingsberg.

Circio is developing gene therapy and vaccines with a unique circular RNA (circRNA) platform. Their goal is to improve medicines for various applications, including genetic diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer therapy. Since 2022, their research and development activities have been based in Flemingsberg, where they collaborate closely with Prof. Michael Uhlin at the Karolinska Institutet. Recently, they have expanded their resources by acquiring their own lab spaces at A Working Lab (AWL) in Flemingsberg while continuing their valuable partnership with the Karolinska Institutet.

– The type of RNA that is receiving the most investment right now is circular RNA, and Circio is the most advanced company in Europe in circRNA technology. We have developed a circRNA concept that has demonstrated a 15x extended shelf life compared to mRNA, says Erik Digman Wiklund, CEO of Circio.

Erik continuous to explain that there were challenges with the use of mRNA technology despite its success in COVID vaccines. However, these challenges are addressed by circular RNA, which has the potential to become a prominent solution in the future.

Competent workforce and Infrastructure

Furthermore, Erik believes there were several reasons why Circio established itself in Flemingsberg. He mentions that Norway does not have as well-established pharmaceutical industry as they have in Sweden and Denmark. Additionally, Flemingsberg offers a strong research infrastructure and a competent workforce.

– We are in Flemingsberg due to the availability of a skilled workforce in this sector and its infrastructure. Furthermore, we could find a lab right next to the Karolinska Institutet, which also has excellent infrastructure, says Erik.

Erik also notes that it can be costly for smaller companies to build their own laboratories from scratch, especially with the level of security and advanced equipment that is required. By utilizing the existing and equipped laboratories offered by AWL, Circio could expand its operations while benefiting from the advantages of Flemingsberg.

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