800 new homes in Flemingsberg

There are plans for 800 new student and researcher residences in Campus Flemingsberg. The construction project is strategically located in the heart of Flemingsberg, which is one of Stockholm’s most prominent regional city centers.

Earlier this fall, ByggvVesta announced that they had entered into an agreement for land acquisition with the Clara Foundation and Akademiska Hus for the construction of 800 student and researcher residences in central Flemingsberg. The interest in developing Campus Flemingsberg was sparked back in 2017 when ByggvVesta entered into an agreement with the Clara Foundation for property acquisition. This marked the beginning of the project to build 800 residences in Flemingsberg. Now, we are pleased to announce that ByggvVesta is actively participating in the efforts to further strengthen Campus Flemingsberg as a flourishing innovation environment and a central hub for research and education.

“Housing is what is needed to create a vibrant campus area and keep people on campus, and Flemingsberg is somewhat unique because there are so many actors, property owners, and institutions in one place”, says Marcus Nyström, project manager at ByggvVesta.

Built in two stages
Marcus explains that the construction is taking place in two stages, with the first stage of over 400 residences sold to EQT Exeter, a long-term property investor aiming to meet local housing needs and promote the development of Campus Flemingsberg. ByggvVesta, on the other hand, is actively involved in developing the property with the goal of completing the project from early 2026 to the mid-2026. After that, the start of the second stage is planned.

An expansive area
ByggvVesta has long focused on growth and student areas, where they have observed a demand for new and attractive residences. When asked why they chose to invest in Campus Flemingsberg, Marcus responds:

“Flemingsberg is an interesting development area, it is very expansive, and there is a lot happening. We believe that Campus Flemingsberg needs to be elevated and developed, and we are happy to contribute in the way we can and are good at”.

A common meeting place
Marcus also reveals that, in connection with the construction, a common meeting place is being created in and around the central square of the planning area, with the aim of helping the campus area grow. This space will accommodate, for example, a new restaurant or café, as well as a combined lounge/study area for students.

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Flemingsberg is Not Just a Stop Along the Way, but a Destination on the Rise

Flemingsberg is an area in constant development and transformation. To highlight the exciting progress being made and the opportunities that lie ahead, the Flemingsberg Science Foundation invited members of the Flemingsberg Business Community to an inspiring summer breakfast with the theme "What's Happening in Flemingsberg."

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