Green Industrialization and Innovation: Luleå and Boden Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Three content-rich days on green industrialization and the development of tomorrow’s sustainable society. Boden and Luleå demonstrate both courage and forward-thinking by taking responsibility for societal transformation and our Swedish innovations.

During Sveriges innovationsriksdag 2024, the Flemingsberg Science Foundation participated in three intensive days focused on green re-industrialization, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as well as the path to a sustainable future. From H2 Green Steel’s major project to Boden Fortress, from Kulturens Hus in Luleå to a well-prepared four-course dinner at Restaurant Alcatraz. We ask Johnny Högberg, CEO of the Flemingsberg Science Foundation, about his experience at Sveriges innovationsriksdag 2024.

Which lecture made the strongest impression on you? 

“The best was probably the lecture by Henrik Henriksson, CEO of H2 Green Steel. He talked about how profitability and sustainability can truly be combined. Exemplary leadership.”

What insights are you taking away from these days?

“I think SISP is exemplary in making Sweden more cohesive. The learning effect is enormous, and there is a unique generosity. I also take with me the experience of what I believe to be Sweden’s best hospitality! Wholehearted and genuine, and here, northern Sweden is number one and a key reason for the major establishments.” – Johnny Högberg.

We at the foundation are leaving Luleå and Boden with new inspiration and energy to continue our work in developing Flemingsberg. We see many parallels between Flemingsberg and the cities we visited, where a strong pioneering spirit and a pursuit of a sustainable and successful future permeate everything. It is clearer than ever that cooperation is the key to taking the next step in Sweden’s transition.

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