Smart add-on cuts care costs

A smart addition to the patient record system at Karolinska University Hospital has been developed into a product thanks to a Kraftcentrum Flemingsberg project. The result is Clicknote, the brainchild of doctor Joakim Crafoord.

The idea for Clicknote came to Crafoord when he was a radiologist. He found reviewing and planning X-rays both monotonous and time-consuming. Unreliable IT support increased the risk for misunderstandings.

Thanks to his own programming skills, he developed a programme add-on that saves time and helps with workflow. When he heard about the Kraftcentrum Flemingsberg project, he saw an opportunity to share the programme with others.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for me. To have the support of a business architect throughout my journey made everything a lot easier,” says Crafoord, now chief of medicine at Telemedicine Clinic.

“Initiatives similar to Kraftcentrum are exactly what is needed to encourage more people to dare to take the plunge and develop their ideas.”

Clicknote has, however, not grown to its full potential. This is mainly due to a lack of time, Crafoord says. Because customers are located throughout Sweden, a greater sales push is required than what has been possible for him in recent years.

“But our first customers are still with us. And I’ve learnt so much during the project, thanks in part to an excellent start-up course provided by Sting.”

Karolinska University Hospital and elderly care in southern Stockholm remain as licence customers.

Clicknote combines phrases
Clicknote is a programme add-on that can be used to manage systems such as those used for medical notes. The programme makes it possible to combine standard phrases that are frequently used to accelerate documentation and planning. Clicknote also offers reminder functions and help links to further improve workflow.
Learn more about Clicknote here:

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