Let Flemingsberg Innovation Community elevate your idea

The Flemingsberg Innovation Community is a meeting place that brings together a range of organisations that provide various types of innovation support and assistance. Among them is Sting, which since its inception in 2002, has guided hundreds of startup companies to success.

“There are particularly good conditions for innovation to flourish from the research conducted at the academies in Flemingsberg and at Karolinska University Hospital,” says Pär Hedberg, CEO and founder of Sting.
“Projects in the area of challenge-driven innovation are especially interesting. This is where problems in care are identified that can be solved with the help of new ideas.”

Broad-based support is key
Hedberg highlights the Kraftcentrum Flemingsberg project that was previously run by Flemingsberg Science with the aim of developing new businesses from ideas and needs in healthcare.
“Flemingsberg also offers great potential for new businesses working in areas outside life science. For more people to succeed, they need to access the broad-based innovation support built up by Flemingsberg Science with extensive contact networks to more specialised innovation advisors,” says Hedberg.
The Flemingsberg Innovation Community brings together a number of organisations that provide help with patents, business ideas, financing, development, scaling up, collaboration with academia, society and business, co-working and networking.

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