AlzeCure Pharma

“Our research and development has been conducted in co-operation with Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital here in Flemingsberg, and the stimulating environment with access to leading research in the area, and the positive climate on Campus Flemingsberg encourages exciting co-operation,”

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“Previously, we had offices in central Stockholm. When we needed more space to establish an integrated facility for all our activities, including production, Flemingsberg was the natural choice. The main reason for this was proximity to Karolinska University Hospital, Karolinska Institutet, Swedish Red Cross University College, and other key partners for us. Our technology also has links with the 1912 Nobel Prize, (read more on our website), so what could be more appropriate for our new address than Alfred Nobel Allé,”


Inhalation Sciences Sweden

“In Flemingsberg, you always have access to the advanced labs that we need as well as the facilities we need to expand.”

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Mando Group

“We conducted our research and development in collaboration with KI and Karolinska University Hospital here in Flemingsberg – work that paved the way for our insights into what causes obesity and ultimately its treatment. The positive environment at Campus Flemingsberg encourages original thinking and collaboration and has created a stimulating environment that has been decisive for us,” says Cecilia Bergh.

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NextCell Pharma

“Flemingsberg is exactly the right place for us thanks to its proximity to collaboration partners and the clinical research conducted at Karolinska University Hospital. Furthermore, it’s the right place for us to grow given how Flemingsberg as a whole is flourishing and developing,” says Mathias Svahn.

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Sprint Bioscience

“Flemingsberg offers us the opportunity to grow and provides a good working environment for our employees. Other advantages are the proximity to research at Karolinska Institutet and the clinical research at Karolinska University Hospital. We are also attracted by Flemingsberg as an area that represents new ways of thinking and we’re excited to see the continued development of the area.”

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