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Are you looking for a place to develop – offices, labs, research premises or core facilities?

Conducting research and training at the highest level requires a pooling of strengths: resources, staff, routines and equipment. In Flemingsberg, you have access to offices, labs and a variety of core facilities. 
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Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 70 550 12 73

Pernilla Boström
COO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 703 35 25 77

Flemingsberg Science co-working space and living room

Flemingsberg Science co-working space is a place for entrepreneurship and innovation. This is a place where you have access to a creative development environment. A meeting place where business, academia and society can collaborate. A meeting place for students, entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders, creatives and politicians to spur one another on to success.

Flemingsberg Science co-working space

Do you need unlimited access to desks or perhaps just one desk once a week? No problem! We will make a package to suit your needs. Today, the following companies/organizations are in place in the Flemingsberg Science co-working space.


Björn Varnestig
070-838 04 59

Pernilla Boström

070-335 25 77


Kayla van Cleave


Nellie Strand
076-03 159 03

Terese Salzberger


Jose Inzunza
+46 70757 70 98


Simone Bendazzoli
Örjan Smedby

Nordberg Medical


Nordlight Medical


Jazgul Ismailova
+46 72518 83 30

Flemingsberg Science living room

You can also hire a communal area for meetings, breakfast seminars or events. The venue is flexible, and it can be furnished for, for example, meetings with a table positioned centrally with seating for 12 to 14 people, in islands for 16 to 20 people, or a film screening for up to 30 people – or why not a mingle event for 50 to 60 people.

The office offers high-speed broadband, projectors and screens, and of course, great coffee.

Research facilities, labs and core facilities

Flemingsberg is home to world-class research groups and research environments. In recent years, Karolinska Institutet, KTH and Karolinska University Hospital have made substantial investment in equipment, infrastructure and research facilities. Several of Karolinska Institute’s core facilities are here, as well as unique tech and med labs with close proximity to healthcare facilities.

Click here to learn more about the facilities and labs that are available to drive your development forward.

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Want to know more?
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