Karolinska Institutet. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Innovation support for students


Drivhuset is a platform for those who want to sharpen their entrepreneurial drive. Through personal and business development, we want more people to create value from their ideas.

KTH Innovation

KTH Innovation specializes in the commercialization of new technologies at the early stages of their development and offers free, impartial and confidential support in all areas necessary to take an idea or research result to innovation.

KI Innovations

Can your idea contribute to a healthier future?
KI Innovations is here to provide support and direction to ensure that more fantastic ideas from Karolinska Institutet can contribute to a healthier future for all.

SH Innovation

SH innovation is a platform for cooperation across subject boundaries and the development of new ideas for a more sustainable society. We support research- and teaching-based processes and environments that seek to drive innovation and knowledge application. Here you can be inspired, benefit from others’ work and develop new collaborations. We organize various informative

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