Healthy aging – the biggest societal challenge

In the future, both our average age and life expectancy are expected to increase. One of our biggest societal challenges will then be the loss of physical and intellectual abilities in connection with aging.

Major efforts will be required to care for an aging and in many cases multi-sick population. It is therefore necessary to mobilize all conceivable knowledge and technology in order to gain both an increased quality of life for the individual and manageable costs for society.

In Flemingsberg, many different projects are underway to better understand and deal with the problems of aging. In recent years, KTH Royal Institute of Technology has taken the lead in creating integrated solutions that will make it easier to find practical use in health and care. An example is the recently opened Integration Lab at KTH.

Interest in collaboration
Achieving long-term success requires integration in many dimensions. Technology solutions from research and companies must be integrated, technology must be integrated with economics and ethics, the needs of healthcare and care must be integrated with technological development. There is a great deal of interest in collaboration with municipalities and companies, among others.


Sebastiaan Meijer
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
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Ongoing investments

Integration Lab at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

For integrated solutions that can be applied in healthcare and care. A complete apartment with the latest technical solutions is built into the laboratory environment.


Maksims Kornevs

Nursing and treatment with artistic tools at SMI, University College of Music Education in Stockholm

In collaboration with the Competence Center for Culture and Health at Region Stockholm, SMI has designed an education in how nursing and treatment can be developed with the help of artistic tools such as music, song, rhyme, rhymes, poetry, dance and movement. The education is based on research and proven experience that shows how music and dance can be used as a conscious psychosocial nursing effort, not least in dementia care. The education is given in the form of a course of 7.5 higher education credits. Read more at SMI


Katarina Lindblad

Neuroscience, Caring Science and Society at Karolinska Institutet

Neurobiology, care science and society NVS’s vision is to create knowledge and skills that promote human health through education and research in our profile areas. Neuroscience Research on different aspects of the function of the nervous system, both under normal conditions and in different disease states.

  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia
  • Neurogeriatrics
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Brain imaging
  • Stroke
  • Aging
  • Mobility
  • Multiple disease
  • Socio-medical work
  • Nursing
  • Epidemiology
  • Rehabilitation
  • E-health
  • uMOVE – a biobehavioral Health care center for hUman MOVEment
  • Animal Behavior
  • Developmental Biological Tissue Bank
  • The brain bank
  • Core facility for education in physiotherapy

Eric Westman

Ulla Cronfalk-Hernlund

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