Diversity and Health – practical solutions based on current research

In recent years, large flows of refugees have challenged society’s ability to find long-term sustainable solutions to a complex health problem. The problem is characterized by increased ethnic diversity and general demographic changes, aging and globalization.

These challenges can only be addressed effectively with increased knowledge, composed and designed into practical solutions. To test this possibility, a preliminary project has been carried out under the leadership of the Red Cross University College and with participation from Södertörn University, Huddinge and Botkyrka municipalities, Region Stockholm and the County Administrative Board in Stockholm.

There is a need for a continuous forum in diversity and health where the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as the development of best practice and policies. But also the development of practical solutions, for example in the form of training, consulting services and certification.

Interest in collaboration
A forum can only be strong and sustainable in the long term if it is created and managed by both academia, civil society and companies, with concrete incentives for all groups. Therefore, the interest in collaboration is high in all these categories.

Södertörn University conducts successful multidisciplinary research in areas such as diversity, equality, gender equality, multiculturalism, segregation, integration and school / education. Flemingsberg Science and the Swedish Red Cross University College’s survey of the knowledge needs of some societal actors in the Södertörn region regarding diversity and health, with a focus on the establishment of new arrivals, shows several needs where research at Södertörn University can be useful. Need for knowledge about religion and culture, knowledge for working with prejudices and attitudes, research, situation analyzes, needs analyzes, statistics, knowledge about the implementation of new laws and policy decisions.


Marja Schuster
Swedish Red Cross University College
+46 8-587 51 647.

Ongoing investments

  • Development of cohesive and coordinated knowledge in the field, presented and made available for maximum benefit.
  • Education at different levels, academic and practical, adapted for different customer groups.
  • Consulting efforts with the opportunity to form teams as needed.
  • Building certification of actors in publicly funded focus areas.

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Want to know more?
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