Flemingsberg Science to award ideas that contribute to a better world

If you study, work or live in Flemingsberg, you can now submit your business idea in a preliminary round of Sweden’s national business competition, the Venture Cup – an initiative that Flemingsberg Science hopes will encourage the development of ideas that contribute to a better world.

In addition to SEK 5,000 prize money, the winner will get a free place at Flemingsberg Science’s innovation hub for three months.

Flemingsberg Science strives to develop the knowledge-based ecosystem that exists in Flemingsberg, a key component of which are more and growing businesses. To celebrate and stimulate competition from Flemingsberg, and in co-operation with Venture Cup, Flemingsberg Science is launching a business competition: the Flemingsberg Science Award.

“In the autumn of 2019, Flemingsberg Science will present the Flemingsberg Science Award – IDEA devoted to ideas at an early stage of development. By collaborating with Venture Cup, we believe that we can get people who live, work or study in Flemingsberg to take the step to develop their business ideas – ideas that could change the world”, says Björn Varnestig, CEO Flemingsberg Science.

Do you have an idea that could contribute to a better world? If so, you should enter it for the Flemingsberg Science Award. We face major societal challenges such as climate change, demographic changes, a mental health crisis and growing inequality. To combat these challenges, new innovative solutions and approaches will be needed – new ways of thinking, collaborating and acting.

Flemingsberg Science Award is a subset of Venture Cup IDEA and runs from 17th September to 7th November.

The winner of Venture Cup IDEA generates publicity through inclusion on the Venture Cup’s annual top-20 list, which is also marked at a special ceremony. In addition to being named as one of Sweden’s top 20 best ideas, you also receive SEK 5,000 prize money.

The winner of the Flemingsberg Science Award receives SEK 5,000 and a free place Flemingsberg Science innovation hub for three months.

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Photo: Hampus Carlson, Venture Cup

From Science Week: Innovative arenas create collaboration for the city of the future

See the panel discussion on how innovative neutral arenas are central to the development of the smart and knowledge-intensive city. Flemingsberg Science CEO Johnny Högberg participates together with a panel consisting of Sophia Sundberg, CEO, Barkaby Science, Peter Dobers, Professor of Business Administration with a focus on sustainable development and collaboration, Södertörn University, Johan Zachrisson, Business Development Manager, Fabege and Anton Västberg, Development Director, Region Stockholm.

Test your business idea: Flemingsberg Science Award Startup open for applications

STARTUP is a competition for startups with a clear connection to Flemingsberg, either as students, residents or otherwise active in the area. All ideas are welcome to participate in STARTUP as long as you compete with your own idea and the turnover and external equity is below SEK 1,000,000 at the time you submit to the competition. After that, we of course welcome you to continue working with the business idea, sales and any investments.

SMI invites you to a Christmas lunch concert

Stockholm Music Education Institute, SMI invites you to a Christmas percussion concert on December 12. Percussion students and teachers perform a varied program and a porridge lunch with Christmas porridge, ham sandwich, lussebulle, gingerbread and coffee is served for only SEK 60. Lunch is served from 11.30 and the concert starts at 12.

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