From idea to product launch with Flemingsberg Science

When the founders of Joyship were looking for a place to develop their meeting app, they found exactly what they were looking for at Flemingsberg Science. Office space at the heart of Campus Flemingsberg not only offered a quiet workplace – it also provided access to an extensive contact network.

Sonny Andersson and Johan Fröb are the founders of Joyship. Together they developed a mobile application to make it easier for people to meet new people. Initially, work was conducted in and around Stockholm Library, but they soon realised that they needed a proper office.

“We looked at several co-working places around town but we didn’t find anything that felt right. When we got into contact with Flemingsberg Science via Drivhuset, we were offered a place there,” says Sonny Andersson.

“We got a nice office at a reasonable price, and we were able to benefit from each other’s broad, personal networks. Their advice gave us access to grants and development support that we never knew existed.”

Joyship had a place at Flemingsberg Science for almost a year and underwent an intense development journey in terms of the company and the app. Even though the idea was sound, they failed to achieve the penetration they needed to succeed.

“We should have launched earlier, with fewer functions, to achieve greater penetration and develop new functions in line with users’ needs. But we learnt so much during our time at Flemingsberg Science,” he says.

Both of them are young and at the beginning of their careers, and it is not unlikely that they will come up with new ideas in the years ahead.

“Now I can definitely recommend a place at Flemingsberg Science to other startups that want to grow and develop quickly,” says Andersson.

Stockholm Life Science Conference

On May 25, Karolinska Institutet is organizing  Stockholm Life Science Conference, a full-day event to co-create the life science system of the future.

Temporary diversion of Hälsovägen

On Hälsovägen, construction will soon start on 800 new homes, two preschools and premises. New walkways and squares will also be built here. A temporary diversion road has been built on Hälsovägen's central strip. The existing lane on the north side (from Huddingevägen in the direction of Flemingsberg's center) will be closed due to excavation work.

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