Widerströmska College welcomes its first students

Huddinge’s newest high school is now up and running. Widerströmska College is at the heart of Campus Flemingsberg where students can look forward to knowledge exchange with the surrounding higher education institutions.

“It feels fantastic to have already had so many applications for the very first intake. We’re now going to work more with student ambassadors and open days,” says Mona Lifwergren, Widerströmska College headteacher.

All students assembled on the first day of term.

“All classes are fully subscribed. We currently have 165 students. Four classes in the first year, as well as one second year class and one third year class because students from the healthcare course at Sågbäcks College were moved here.

Widerströmska currently offers four different courses: economics, science, engineering and healthcare. Each with an entrepreneurial focus. There is also an optional technical fourth year, open to students from all over the country.

The college is located in the NEO building on Campus Flemingsberg, the same building as Karolinska Institutet. This is to encourage students to take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with the surrounding higher education institutions.

“We’re currently discussing with the Red Cross University College to see how we could participate in one of their research projects,” says Lifwergren.

Widerströmska is also working closely with KTH to develop one of specialisations of the fourth year, specifically medical technology.
“KTH will provide teaching staff with the right skill sets and provide Widerströmska students with access to their labs,” she says.

A shared open day is also being planned, she adds.

“This is something we’re planning with support from Flemingsberg Science where there’s a good exchange of information between us and the universities.

Stockholm Life Science Conference

On May 25, Karolinska Institutet is organizing  Stockholm Life Science Conference, a full-day event to co-create the life science system of the future.

Temporary diversion of Hälsovägen

On Hälsovägen, construction will soon start on 800 new homes, two preschools and premises. New walkways and squares will also be built here. A temporary diversion road has been built on Hälsovägen's central strip. The existing lane on the north side (from Huddingevägen in the direction of Flemingsberg's center) will be closed due to excavation work.

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