ANA Futura further strengthens Campus Flemingsberg

ANA Futura is officially inaugurated at Campus Flemingsberg – a unique research environment focused on bringing down boundaries: boundaries between research and education, as well as between academia and the community.

“We had a successful opening ceremony where we celebrated the move-in and that research and education are now up and running in the ANA Futura facilities. ANA Futura will expand our opportunities to perform high quality research and education at Campus Flemingsberg,” says Lars Frelin, ANA Futura coordinator.

The inauguration included speeches and a ribbon-cutting ceremony, as well as scientific presentations highlighting the different research and education topics performed at ANA Futura.

“Our close connection to the Karolinska University Hospital is very important. We perform translational and clinical research that contributes to the entire region and helps in developing new treatments. Within ANA Futura we have the tools to translate basic research into clinical reality,” says Frelin.

ANA Futura constitutes of 350 employees from four different departments of KI. The facility provides an environment for cooperation between researchers where they jointly benefit from advanced equipment and laboratories.

The facility contains highly specialized infrastructures, such as a pre-GMP laboratory, a unique asset in the region. ANA Futura also hosts several of KI’s core-facilities with research platforms and world-class equipment.

Shared equipment and facilities and close cooperation are key factors behind the creation of ANA Futura, explains Frelin.

“We already now see that new cooperation’s between researchers are created within ANA Futura. The fact that one daily meets researchers from different areas, opens easy opportunities to collaborate.”

ANA Futura is also designed for interaction between research and education. Medical-, nursing-, dentistry-, dental hygienist- and biomedical laboratory science students will all come into contact with research performed at ANA Futura. “The students will have access to advanced instruments for hands-on training and demonstrations, which is an advantage for their future careers. It is an enormous strength for Campus Flemingsberg that we are able to connect research and education under the same roof,” says Frelin.

Photo: Erik Cronberg

Smart add-on cuts care costs

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